Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sundering is Upon Us

So says the video at Wizards of the coast!

This coincides with the release of R.A. Salvadore's new novel, The Companions, which is the first of the six Sundering novels.  I'm planning to read these as they are released, and I really look forward to them.

There is also a new facebook "game," which amounts to a character tracker for dnd encounters players working through the Murder in Baldur's Gate adventure.  I'll be DMing that adventure, though given that it will be done via play by post, I expect that we'll reach milestones long after the Encounters people do.  Still, I'm signed in there.  Why not?

I'm pretty excited about this event. Despite the video's rather scripted, we-know-everything-that-will-happen feel, this is going to my first real foray into the Forgotten Realms as a D.M.  By all accounts, it seems as though they've done their best to execute this event with as much forethought and inclusion as possible.  I like that the Sundering Six authors have been heavily involved in decisions, and that they're allowing the outcomes of the two Sundering adventures to shape the future of the realms in apparently meaningful ways.

The Realms are a world that I've experienced primarily in video games thus far, and I'm looking forward to getting to play in that world.

So, down with Bhaal!  I'm looking forward to getting started.

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