Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hall of Fame Inductees - April 2006

Yesterday, the second round of inductions into the NWN2 Vault Hall of Fame were announced.

This round's inductees included the first Hall of Fame story-based module: Pool of Radiance Remastered - Chapter 1 by Markus "Wayne" Schlegel. You can read my comments on this module here, but this is an excerpt of my opinion on it:
The town feels cramped and overcrowded, the people have real personalities and are desperately just trying to scrape by in this new outpost, and the strained, self-serving interactions between the adventurers and the town officials do a great job of conveying the unique circumstances of the setting.
It's an excellent module, certainly among the top two or three available on the Vault today. Congratulations to Wayne on making it into the Hall!

Also making it into the NWN2 Hall of Fame this month is clubok's Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs. This is an absolutely essential tweak to the user interface that I highlighted here. Congrats to clubok--and many thanks for making this game much more playable for magic users.

Finally, I wanted to give a shout out to Heresiologist, whose NWN1 module, UK2 - The Sentinel was FINALLY inducted into the Hall of Fame. It's long, long overdue--her module has been overlooked for quite some time. Here is an excerpt from my comments on this module, dated 23 June 2005:
The best thing about this module is the detail that was put into it in terms of creating an atmosphere. This is a PnP conversation (I have not played or read the original pnp module), and it shows with the elegant maps included with the documentation, and some of the surrounding backstory in the module. The author has put all of this detail, and certainly some of her own ideas, into this mod. There are some downright beautiful descriptions (though occasionally these are a bit verbose) of the areas in which you travel, much of which is done through pop-up texts. Lighting is also handled well in most areas—I was particularly struck by a forest scene during sunrise, where gorgeous yellow light streams though the leaves. Stunning.
I also want to acknowledge jfoxtail, who ramped up a small campaign to get that module the last few votes it needed to be eligible for the Hall.

Kudos, congrats, and thanks to all of April's inductees of both games.

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