Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick hits...

There's been a variety of news items over the past few days:
    1. A Dance with Rogues by Valine
    2. Darkness over Daggerford by Ossian Studios Inc.
    3. Exile of the West (Bastard of Kosigan episode 1) by Fabien Cerutti with help from Ginni Swanton
    4. Wyvern Crown of Cormyr by DLA & Bioware
  • Tiberius209 has a blog! Tiberius is the author of the excellent Saleron's Gambit series for NWN1, and is currently a designer for Ossian Studios. And now, he's joined the elite ranks of Neverwinter Nights bloggers. Looking forward to seeing more from him, even if it's about medieval literature. :)
  • The first NWN2 Expansion Screenshots have been released. Looks like we've definitely got a nice snow texture as well as snowy trees to play with. :) Also looks like an Astral bear(?) and some wyverns. The wyverns were present in some of the first NWN2 screenshots for the OC, but apparently were cut and saved for the expansion. Nice to have them back though, as they're a cool monster. I'm hoping we'll see a stream of additional screenshots as the release comes through. Certainly you'd expect to see a beholder one of these days...
Update: Whoops, been meaning to mention:

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