Sunday, January 22, 2012

Essentials Race & Class List

Very small thing: I'm rolling up (for fun) some characters from each of the Essentials classes.  I created a small spreadsheet that shows the various ability bonuses you get, and the special abilities they use.  I also identified which classes fit best with each race, based on nothing more than the key abilities noted in the Heroes books and the races that give you bonuses to those abilities.  Here it is:

(if that doesn't work, here's a direct link to the spreadsheet)

A few quick hits:

  • Drow gets the most class matches, thanks to the Dex + Wis or Cha combo.  Bah, I hate drow.
  • Half-Orcs not surprisingly make terrific slayers.  But I was surprised to see them show up as elite athletic thieves.
  • Knight, Slayer, and Cavalier all clock in as having just one ideal race.  
  • Least versatile race?  Eladrin, which only make elite Mages based on the abilities (though teleport could certainly make an eladrin dexstriker, like a rogue or scout, pretty darn interesting).
  • Most accepting class?  Hexblade, which needs good charisma and either good dex or con.

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