Thursday, June 28, 2007

NWN2 Mods Needing Votes

One of the features that the old Vault (pre-2005) had that the current Vault software is lacking was the ability to generate a report of modules needing votes to get on the top rated list (requires 10 votes minimum).

While there haven't been as many NWN2 modules released compared to what we saw with NWN1's release, there actually are a surprising number that have yet to cross the 10-vote threshold. And several look like they'd be worth playing.

Therefore, I thought I'd take a quick jaunt through the NWN2 module list and create a report of those modules that need more votes to reach the "immortals" list so that they may avoid getting lost in the ether. I ignored modules that were declared to be in beta, as well as modules that were geared toward builders (script examples, builder utilities, etc) and not players. Trainer modules, PvP arenas, cutscenes, etc, were fair game, as long as they were geared toward players. Here are the top-15 modules on the list, sorted by votes needed and current score:
Title Score Votes Comments
Treasure Hunters 7.64 9
Alternate NWN2 Ending 7.61 9 cutscene
The Final Journey 7.32 9
The Rampion Champion 6.07 9 contest module - ranked #3 by Obsidian
Heroic Dream 9.75 8 utility
Happily Never After 6.96 8 contest module
The Garden 6.17 8
Curse of the Timberclaw 5.71 8
Road to Glory 2.67 8
Village of the Mutes 1.00 8
dmraist's Trainer Module 8.10 7 utility
Grimm's Patchworld 6.05 7 contest module
The Otherside Chronicles 7.38 4
PvP Mod + Items/XP/Gold 7.33 3
War Grounds X 7.17 3
Rise to Power 5.58 3 utility

If you have tried these modules and have yet to vote, please go do so! And if you are looking for something new to try, why not check one of these modules out?

This was somewhat cumbersome to compile, so I can't promise I'll update it. But you never know...

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