Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Obsidian Fan Art Contest: Everyone Loves Elanee

Four NPC pieces with tonight's update, three of which feature Elanee. Elanee was one of my favorite NPC's from the OC (I've managed to repress that awful come-on scene right before battle at Crossroads Keep--yet another case where the optional romance is better avoided). Yeah, she's a bit of a stalker. But she's a strong and otherwise mature female character, and those were otherwise pretty much absent from the companion roster--well, except maybe for the Gith, but I liked her too. I wish I could have used Elanee in my party more often when I played through the campaign, but her skills overlapped a bit too much with my cleric's...and in the end, I'm a bit too much of a power gamer to put up with suboptimal party composition for very long. :)

There have been 10 contest submissions in the last 48 hours, which puts me massively behind in this series of posts. But that's a good problem to have. :) I'm sure this will continue today and tomorrow with the contest deadline being tomorrow, but I'll try to post four a day for the rest of the week--I expect we'll still get through them all before an winner announcement is made.

Elanee by Firestorm2117 (Firestorm also has submitted a painting of Neeshka, which I posted last week) - This is my favorite of this batch.

Elanee by WWT (pencil)

Elanee and Dragon by BuckyG (a 3D studio submission)

Zeeaire by Tuyen (ink)

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