Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Lies of Locke Lamora

I don't really have time for a full-length review, but I really enjoyed this book and wanted to leave a quick goodreads review of it.  I thought I'd repost here:

An engaging and very memorable book. I am not a big fan of con-artist stories, and the early parts of this tale really do ask you to buy into the excitement and charisma of its characters. I initially didn't, and as a result was sometimes siding with their victims while still enjoying the ride. As the book progressed, however, the depth of the story grew and grew, and I couldn't help but be swept away in the tale. The world is wonderfully imaginative. A medieval city built upon the ruins of some impossibly vast civilization unknown to modern times. Magic exists, but it's rare in modern day, though alchemy provides an everyday technology to the aristocracy. I'm not sure that I ever really came to "like" Locke Lamora, but I sure enjoyed rooting along with him as he encountered challenge after challenge. It was a refreshingly different book, and I highly recommend it.