Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neverwinter Nights Community Site

The Neverwinter Nights Community Site site has been launched with the intent of serving as a central information site for new players to learn about and get involved in the original Neverwinter Nights.  It's a great idea, given that the old bioware site is down.  There you can find links to the Vault (of course!), as well as a wealth of other resources.  I was particularly pleased to see the links to the 1.69 patch critical rebuild files for NWN1, as well as the quick primer on how to install custom content.

Also included are prominent links to the bioware forums and to the Good Old Games download site.

Great site, folks!


  1. Hi Berliad,
    I didn't realize that you were still involved with nwn2...what a pleasant surprise...some blog back reading to do here for me.

  2. I have a question and for some reason can't post on the forums yet

    Why is it that in NWN 1 I can have 6 henchmen and 3 horses (I could have added more!)

    I'm a Paladin and I enlist one henchmen, then I mount a summoned horse then dismount, the process makes it so that I have a horse and a henchman. I then enlist another henchman, the enlist the first one again and there you go, two henchmen. I created more horses by leaving a room with one in it. Did I miss a patch or something?

    email me at

  3. Thanks! I'm around, though not particularly active (obviously). I'm playing through Storm of Zehir right now, and looking forward to getting into community modules once I finally finish it... -B

  4. @wynteriii, sorry, I really have no idea.