Monday, October 29, 2012

Next up: Trinity

I've seen Tiberius mention that his favorite NWN2 modules, aside from his own, were Harp and Chrysanthemum and Trinity.  Well, tonight I downloaded Trinity.  I have a level 8 warlock who might be a good fit.  Here's the opening movie!


  1. Good choice. A now old post on my blog ranks my top 10 CRPG dungeons of all time, and Trinity's main dungeon - Soloria - made the list. Now that I've raised your expectations to ridiculous levels by claiming it's among the best ever, I hope you're not disappointed.

    Seriously, EC Patterson did some things in this mod that I haven't seen done elsewhere. The challenges you face in Soloria and the way its backstory is slowly revealed really make this a treat. I envy your playing it for the first time. Enjoy the ride.

  2. I'm looking forward to it! I played through the opening dialogs and made it out to the forest last night, but at that point it was time to sleep. My week is crazy busy, but hopefully I can find some more time to play this weekend. Seems fun thus far!

  3. A truly excellent mod.

    No the setting of course ; the Dalelands and Myth Drannor as I recall.

    I admit a fondness for Elves especially in NWN2 (even more so than NWN1). I dislike the Aasimar, Thiefling, and Elemental races....but wood elves are hyper powerful as Rangers and Elven Wizards... well now one understands their racial description.

    The mission here always screamed Elven Wizard (to me). Warlocks are lesser Sorcerers in my mind, but then it is your game not mine.

    Again suggested lead in mods would be Fate of a City by Amstradhero... an adventurer of northern Cormyr moving on to the Dalelands. The Greyspeaks by Serwyn offer another regional choice but is more hack and slash. Both level you to about 7 with an appropriate distribution of cash and coin.

    An old friend suggesting Themes of Campaigns....


  4. I enjoyed this mod as well. I tend to enjoy mods that bring to life the forgotten realms setting, and i think this mod does a decent job of that. The intro/outro movies were particularly noteworthy (especially in comparison to others :P)