Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Savant of Aielund Saga on NWN Podcast

This afternoon on my drive home I got a chance to listen to Savant on the Neverwinter Nights Podcast talking about his modules as well as his book.  It was sort of a shame that the interviewers weren't really aware of his work, as Savant is one of the most accomplished module builders for NWN1, right up there with Adam Miller, Kevin Chan, and Stefan Gagne, and Alazander (to name a few).  That said, there is no one doing more for the NWN community right now than the podcast guys, so it's hard to get too upset at that. :)

In all, I enjoyed the interview tremendously.  Savant seems like a very nice guy, and I'm thrilled for him that he has a book out now.  I went ahead and purchased it via kindle (using the iphone app...small screen, but I'll eventually upgrade to a ipad...I think), and will give it a read as time permits.  If nothing else, it's a very modest donation for the time and joy that Savant has given me as I've played through his modules.  :)

Speaking of books, I checked and saw that Alazander's book is still in progress (with an update as of Sept 21st).  Any other book authors out there from the NWN community that I'm forgetting?

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