Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Contest deadline is approaching!

The deadline for the first Obsidian NWN1 Module Contest is now less than a week away! While no one has uploaded a module yet, there are a number of entries that are apparently close to being uploaded to the vault. Here are a few of the ones I know about:

Lord Niah and Mungo_D, both experienced builders from NWN1, and members of the Forgotten Realms Weave, have contest modules that are currently in the beta testing phase.

Maerduin reported on Sunday that his entry, The Birthday, is close to completion.

And while I don't know them, there are a number of builders on the forums who sound likely to release a module: Wyrin_D'njargo, jackyo123, ryan_baco, Lorft, and ciViLiZed have all recently indicated that they're either on track, or are desperately trying to stay on track, for an on-time submission. I'm sure there are more as well--lots of builders aren't terribly active in the forums, especially when they're busy building. :)

It will be exciting to see what shows up this week! Given that no changes may be made to modules after the deadline, it would probably be a good idea to get entries uploaded ahead of time whenever that's possible so they can get some initial playtesting comments from players. Of course, given the tight deadline, that's not always going to be easy...

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