Saturday, April 28, 2007

Interview about Mask of the Betrayer

Somehow I never got around to reading this, but last week Gamebanshee published this interview with Kevin Saunders, who is the lead designer on the Mask of the Betrayer expansion for NWN2. One item really caught my eye:
GB: Are there any plans to introduce any new prestige classes or sub-races? How about epic levels?

Kevin: Absolutely! We are adding new prestige classes (and a base class) and new sub-races. We’ll be sharing more information on those soon, but we think you’ll be excited about our choices. ;) One of the prestige classes is completely new and was designed through consultation with our colleagues at Wizards of the Coast. As far as the leveling goes, NX1 will feature epic levels through level 30.
Added emphasis on those last two words. This is really exciting. Unless this is a typo (and I doubt it is), this upcoming expansion will only have epic levels up to level 30. NWN1 went to level 40. My interpretation? This is the first real indication we've had that Obsidian is indeed planning two expansions! The first to go to level 30, and a second one to go lv.30 to lv.40.

Yippie! More expansions = more content = more time with ongoing support for the community!

Another cool tidbit was the mention that the monsters that they're going to add in the expansion include the Night Hag and (a favorite of mine) the Treant (here's the Treant made by DLA for NWN1).

Added to this news is a feeling that I've been getting around the modding community that we're going to start finally seeing a lot more frequent significant module releases in the coming month or two. That, combined with Ossian apparently getting somewhat close to announcing whatever it is that they've been working on, and with the contest starting next week, things are really looking encouraging in nwn2 land right now.

Also, one last thing. Obsidian is doing a better job of updating their blog with readable and relevant information. I've added it to my blogroll in my sidebar, as well as the blogs of several new builders I just became aware of.

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