Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Contest Watch

Update: Rather than keep this stickied all month, I've opted instead to move this list into the sidebar.

Here is the final list of NWN2 Contest Modules. Congrats to all of these authors for meeting the tight deadline!!


  1. Thanks, Berliad. I did have fun writing it :)

  2. Argh, forgot to sign that last comment. I'm REALLY tired right now...


  3. Congrats to all who entered. Just meeting a tight deadline like that is a big accomplishment, and I'm impressed that so many were able to do it.

    It also appears that I was wrong to doubt the quality of the mods that could be produced in such a short time. Maerduin's mod debuted high in the Top Rated Mods list and several others are receiving high marks (and have snazzy screen shots).

  4. Yeah, no kidding. He knocked my frwcc down the 6th place! Bloody upstart. :) -B