Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NWN2 Modding has life...

All the sudden, I'm feeling like I'm massively behind in my gaming!

Thanks to the NWN2 module contest, I had a chance to play a good number of fun, small modules this month. I had intended to play all of the contest mods, but at this point that doesn't seem likely to happen. I'll certainly be watching for the announcement of the winners, and will play any that I might have missed that place.

But the thing I'm really excited about is that there are now at least three important, reasonably lengthy, high-quality NWN2 modules that I have yet to play:
The latter is one that I admittedly haven't been following closely, but it has had a testing thread in the Modules forums for a while now, and its initial scores have been off the charts. Anything marked "Roleplay: Heavy" and receiving the sorts of votes and comments Night Howls is getting is going to be high on my to-play list.

I'm planning to play through these mods in roughly this order, though I may pause briefly to play Hugie's joke module, which I'd forgotten about but just noticed as I was looking at the top rated list.

Other intriguing modules I still would like to play (in alphabetical order):
I'm excited. There are finally enough modules out there that I feel like I can actually be selective in what I'm playing. And best of all, there's more coming.


  1. Nice to see I have a couple on your 'to play' list!
    It is great how the community has suddenly come on since the end of the module contest - the top 15 list on the right toolbar o nthe Vault now has a lowest rating of over 8.1 - something to sow to the naysayers who had been saying how slow the community was in producing good content

  2. Yep, things are finally looking up. Hopefully this recent surge of modules can keep things going.

    There will be something of a thinning of the top modules list sometime in the next month or so, as Maximus will start taking modules off of there that are both in the hall of fame and have been featured in that list for more than three months.