Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two videos worth watching...

The new Purgatorio trailer is out. It shows off some of the cool custom content in the module, including both custom models and some good voice acting, but the most intriguing part to me was the first 30 seconds, describing a strange marooned boy devoid of sight, vision, and speech...

Rogue Dao's module is now in internal beta, which is great news for all of us eager players. ... Though one almost has to worry about whether the incredible hype for this project is going to push expectations to absurd levels.

This is a bit old, but by way of showcasing Obsidian's upcoming release of their Granny animation tools to the community, they posted this video on their blog of birds flying around a windmill. I can't seem to get a screen capture of it, but it's freaking spectacular. The first time I see this in-game, I'm going to pee myself.


  1. Hello Berliad. I am the author of the module "Crossroads of Fate". Thank you for your kind word at the vault. About the birds video, there is a flying bird in the module I made , but of course it doesn't look so fantastic as the ones in the video. He is kind of a lazy one. A final version of the mod will be uploaded soon I hope, so if you intend to give it a try, please wait a little longer.

  2. I'm looking forward to playing your module! Thanks for the note. -B