Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interview with Tiberius

There's a nice interview with Tiberius209 over at the vault right now. I threw a couple of questions QSW's way for this interview, but obviously the most interesting part of an interview are the responses of the interesting person being interviewed.

Here's one of my favorite excerpts, from a bit on his upcoming NWN2 module series, the Maimed Gods Saga:
A final goal is to make a world in which the side quests you complete and the way you complete them matters. The agents of the evil deity you’re confronting have a region-wide plan in action. Putting an end to their plans in one area, for example, may deprive them of some of their troops, making a boss fight easier in some cases, but it will also alert them to your presence. That in turn will cause them to enact their contingency plans. Now that they know you’re around, they might dispatch agents to assassinate you, or maybe they’ll move their plans forward. Maybe they’ll need to create diversions to allow them time to rebuild their operations. They may need to release additional spies into the area to track you, so characters may appear in some cases that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.
Also, for the record, the question asking about his Ossian stuff originally had a smiley face at the end of it--I knew we wouldn't get anything good from it. Just wanted to build up some hype for that project. :P

Oh yeah, I'm back. Downloading Keep on the Borderlands as I type!


  1. You mean you didn't think the answer to your Ossian question was good?

    It was fun, Berliad. Thanks.

  2. Heh, it was about all we could ask for. :) Just didn't want you to think we were expecting more. -B