Saturday, May 19, 2007

Updates from around the blogosphere...

I thought I'd check in on what some of the builders from around the NWN2 blogosphere are up to in quick-hit fashion:
  • Adam Miller seems to have just about finished his first pass of module construction in the second chapter of his Dark Waters series.
  • Dirtywick is reporting in the FRW forums that his module, the Sublety of Thay, might be released on the vault early next week!!!
  • Enoa4's module, B2: Keep on the Borderlands, has been a great success, and is high on my list of modules to play...though I probably won't get to it 'til June. ;( The good news is that he's actually thinking that maybe sometime in the future he'll possibly consider writing another mod. :)
  • Hugie continues to plug away at the early stages of his upcoming module, Moonshadows.
  • Maerduin has decided to drop his (perhaps overly ambitious) Mysteries of the Moonsea epic in favor of a smaller and more manageable project that he is currently calling Harp and Crysanthemum.
  • Markus "Wayne" Schlegel, after finally solving a module loading problem he'd been encountering, is making great progress on the second chapter of his excellent Pool of Radiance series, reporting that he's hoping to be working on Alpha 3 with his team this weekend/next week.
  • The Ossian Studios team, which includes Alazander, Challseus, Hugie, and Tiberius, perhaps among others, are continuing to report lots of work on "uhh...secret stuff." Alazander continues to drop hints that an announcement is not far off.
  • Phoenixus is organizing a team to push forward with his Tales of Asberdies module, the sequel to Tragedy in Tragidor.
  • Rashidi is pushing forward with his module, Fianchetto's Fable, and has recently enlisted the help of a writer to continue to make progress on his module.
  • Ryam Baco doesn't update his blog very often, but has said in a comment on this blog that work continues in chapter 2 of his surreal Asylum series.
  • Seryn seems very close to releasing a beta version of his module, the Zelbross Affair, to the FRW folks.
  • Tiberius209, despite his commitments to Ossian, is also making good progress on his first NWN2 project, the Maimed God Saga.
  • Vendalus is also making progress on his SKS series, and has circulated an alpha version of the first module to the FRW folks.
And those are just the projects I'm following somewhat closely. A few others have active threads in the NWN2 Modules forums--sorry for not highlighting those as well! Best of all, with summer here, we might start to see some of the student-types invest more effort than they've recently been able to into their projects. It's going to be an exciting summer!

Update: Oh yeah, one last bit of news--I'm going to try to spend the next week or so pushing out a new version of the FRWCC. Been a while since I worked on it, and an update is overdue.

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