Monday, May 7, 2007

Mouse-over Health Status!

As I played through Dark Waters and The Birthday the last couple of nights, I noticed a small but substantial improvement to the NWN2 user interface that goes back to a beef I had about the game from the moment I started playing: mouse-over health status for all NPC's has been added! Here's a screenie of it in action:
Here, my mouse cursor is hoving over the "Unseelie," and it reveals his approximate health status. This is how NWN1 worked, but it was initially absent from NWN2. Prior to this improvement, the only way to discover a character's health status was to right-click on that character. There was no quick way to assess the health of a large number of foes in the middle of battle. And now there is! While it's a little thing, this already has greatly improvement my comfort with the game--and has decreased the clicking I've had to do!

I guess this was an addition in the 1.05 patch, but I didn't see mention of it in the patch notes. Kudos to Obsidian for making it happen.


  1. I didn't really notice that it was 'new' until you mentioned it. Definately a much needed feature!! Now I wish they would make it so you could purchase items in multiples. I hate the click fest to purchase like 20 healing/cure potions....


  2. This was a problem in NWN1 as well, though as I remember Savant somehow set up his stores in the Aielund saga to allow purchases of 10 potion pots at once. I may have to look back and see if I can figure out how he did that. -B