Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hard drive...

As I type this on my laptop, I'm running chkdsk on my desktop's hard drive. This evening I couldn't get it to boot, and it's been acting strangely the past few days, and giving errors that now (in hindsight) seem like they could be the result of my hard drive dying.

So far, the drive seems to be scanning ok (got here by booting with my windows cd and getting to the command line), and if nothing is picked up I think there's a slight chance that removing my sound card might help matters. But if not, I'll probably need a new hard drive.

I hate it when my computer goes down. Hopefully the drive isn't actually damaged, or at least not so much that I won't be able to get any information off of it. If everything is unrecoverable, I don't think there's too much critical info on here, though I'd probably lose my work on the frwcc since the last release. I think i could recreate that in a few days of effort, but it'd still be a shame as it's looking pretty snazzy right now. The biggest loss, though, would be some baseball research I've put together over the past few months, mostly in the form of excel files. It's all reconstructable, but I'd spent a lot of time on it to get it where it is.

::sigh:: We'll see. I hate this feeling.


  1. Ugh. I know what it's like -- I lost about two weeks of work on my NWN1 module at one point due to hard drive failure. The only consolation is that sometimes retracing your steps leads to new discoveries.

    Good luck, Berliad.

  2. Aye--my entire computer died just a few months ago, right as NWN2 was coming out. Of course, everything turned out ok in the end, as it was an excellent excuse to get a new laptop which, unlike my old one, could run the game. ;)

  3. Good luck...I hope you can find a way to save your progress, but as Toop said, there's always hope even if you can't.