Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dark Waters to be released tomorrow!

While we haven't yet seen any entries to the module writing contest (no surprise--I'm sure most will turn up on the last day or two of the month, as they will take a while to put together), another big boost to the community comes tomorrow with the release of the first module in Adam Millers' Dark Waters series.

Miller has been working on this series since completing Demon two years ago. Here's an excerpt from Miller's website describing the intriguing setting:

I'm trying to combine swashbuckling and high adventure with a more somber exploration of the human mind. The story is also set against the backdrop of a myriad of island nations, only now recovering from a devastating war that changed the face of the world. It is into this world that three friends grow into adulthood and learn about joy, loss, and secrets that have long lain hidden.

On top of the cool setting, the module promises to be well written and contain a TON of custom content. Custom score, full speech, custom models, psionics, flintlock pistols, etc. It should be very interesting. I plan to start playing it this weekend, so you can probably expect to see my comments on it sometime next week.

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