Wednesday, December 13, 2006

From Within: An Unknown Enemy

This was the first module I've played for the recently-released NWN2! From Within: An Unknown Enemy is more of a demo than anything, though it introduces some of the characters from this upcoming series and gives a vague idea about the plotline. Nice way to kick things off. Here are my comments that went with my vote:
My Vote: 6 - Good, Qualified Recommendation

This is a very nice little prologue that does a good job of introducing some of the characters for your future story. Not much really happens, but it shows off some good scripting and game design. I really like how exploration is encouraged through interactive items, etc. Cutscenes are very well directed, with good use of lighting and animations when appropriate--though I have to admit that watching the cinematic cutscenes without voice acting will take some getting used to after spending so much time with the OC! Also some good humor in this mod, particularly with Susanna. And you have to love a module that features Otto's Irresistable Dance. :)

I vote a qualified recommendation for two reasons. First, it's so short that nothing really happens. We'll have to wait for the actual story to begin until next module; this one essentially just introduces the characters and gives vague ideas about what the plot will be.

Second, while there is a nice flair to the writing, there is also a fairly large number of typo/grammar issues throughout the module. It is far more solid than the module description led me to fear that it might be, but I'd recommend going over all the dialog carefully (as well as your module description on this page). You might try using codepoetz' SpellPlug ( to catch obvious typos. Also, if you're not a native English speaker, I'd recommend soliciting the help of someone who is to read over and help you edit your text. Finally, I experienced one game-crashing bug.

Overall though, it's a fine early contribution to the vault. Good luck with your campaign -- I'll keep my eye out for your first real module! -B

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