Monday, December 18, 2006

Pirate Cards Released!

Adam Miller's Pirate Cards has been released! :) The module is here, and Maximus conducted an interesting interview of Adam to go along with this release.

This can probably be considered the first "major" community release for NWN2, even though it is not a "true" module in the sense that it's more of a mini-game than a stand-alone adventure. But it will give us an idea of how the leaders of the builder community will use the tools we have available in the NWN2 gaming engine (UI, custom content, etc).

I'll be particularly interested to see how the voice acting goes. A lot of groups have been talking about using voice acting (Adam Miller, Rogue Dao, etc) with NWN2, probably due to the cinematic cutscenes. It could be great if done well, but I think it has the potential to really hurt a module. I'm a bit uncertain whether the community will be able to pull this off, as even professional gaming companies seem to have a very hard time working with with voice acting talent (e.g. Aribeth in NWN1).

The only module with voice acting that I remember for NWN1 was Stefan Gagne's ElegiaEternum . Though, as I recall, it actually worked pretty well in that module. Of course, most, if not all, of that acting was of the children, which might be easier to get to sound right...?

I'll download and install it once I finish Avendale. Don't want to do that beforehand as it apparently contains some overrides that were necessary due to current restrictions with custom content. If I have time tonight to play it, I'll post some initial impressions.

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