Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hugie is on vacation--hold on tight

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, but things have been a bit busy in real life.

Tonight I noticed this post by Hugie on his
First of all, I'm excited because I'm ON VACATION!!1!11!!!1! (for two weeks).
Hugie was among the most prolific builders over the last few years for NWN1, so the fact that he has two weeks to dedicate to NWN2 is wonderful news--especially if he can put it toward a module to be released to the public, as opposed to some sketchy "secret project" of some sort. :P

What makes this particularly interesting is that news came a few days ago that his first NWN2 module, The Star Mounts, has been expanded in design to be more epic and dramatic in scope. It now sports a new name, Moonshadows, and looks like it will be a heck of an adventure. An excerpt from his module description:
So, to sum things up, Moonshadows is an epic-length story-driven adventure set in the Forgotten Realms for low-mid level characters, with emphasis placed on story and great attention devoted to atmosphere, varied sidequests, and well-balanced, realistic combat. The player will visit a tremendously wide array of locales, from gloomy forests and towering mountains to ancient crypts and forgotten ruins. The player will engage in time travel and planar travel as they are caught up in a plot involving the Gods and artifacts of great power, all in a storyline rooted deeply in Forgotten Realms canon--I did my research. ;) Is it ambitious? Uh, is the sky blue? Jokes aside, I think I've come up with a story worth telling, and I intend on making this a reality. I had six modules for NWN1, but I anticipate only having one for NWN2...and Moonshadows will be that one.
It will be interesting to see how this progresses. The claim that Hugie will only build one module for NWN2 is something that I'm a bit skeptical about, but even if it is true, I expect this will be a good thing. His work in NWN1 gave him a lot of experience in both module design as well as fantasy writing, and this should prepare him well to create an epic adventure for NWN2. I'm somewhat hopeful that he'll be able to release it in episodes, which would allow us to play along as he builds to some degree (and give Hugie encouragement to keep going), but obviously some stories aren't suited for that. Definitely one to watch.

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  1. Heheh, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the plug, Berliad! :)

    Regarding episodic content, that's something I haven't decided on yet. The one thing I've never done is released one big whopping adventure in one piece, so I'm sort of leaning towards that...but at the same time, I definitely see advantages to releasing in multiple chunks as I make progress. I'll give this some thought. :)