Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The MoY voting controversy

First, let me gasp for air for a second here. I finally got a draft of a major manuscript done and sent around to my coauthors today at work, which means I'm hopefully going to be able to least regain part of my evenings for hobbies. I do hope to get back to playing modules, though I also need to get my FRWCC update out sometime as well. I'm at one of those points where I'm behind in EVERYTHING I want to be doing or should be doing in my life. You'd think I'd be current on one thing, eh?

Anyway, the big news of the past week, of course, is that vote rigging was affecting the original voting for module of the year. It seems likely that this was mostly associated with Fabien Cerutti's Exile of the West--which is by all accounts a very fine module, but somehow was posting the second highest vote totals of the year. I'm also a bit suspicious of A Dance With Rogues (I posted about this a few weeks back on the forums)--again, not because it's not deserving, but because I didn't think the fanbase of that module would be so large to outpace more well-known modules like Daggerford or Wyvern's Crown.

Maximus has restarted the voting, and it sounds like it's being done properly this time--each person has one vote. As I mentioned earlier, I'm voting for Daggerford. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how things turn out in this new, more honest round of voting. Maybe A Dance With Rogues will carry the day once again! :)

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