Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Module of the Year voting totals

Maximus has created a page where you can view the new 2006 Neverwinter Nights Module of the Year voting results. This new round is more secure because in order to participate you had to have a Vault account prior to the start of voting, and you can only vote once. There still are some oddities in terms of how votes for particular modules are clustered, but my guess is that most of that is due to chance (i.e. lots of clustered voting for Dance with Rogues and Wyvern Crown of Cormyr, but when you receive lots of votes, they will probably cluster together now and then).

The results--and I have to say that this is a relief to me--are very consistent with those from the first round. Here are the front runners as of right now:
  1. A Dance with Rogues (139 votes) -- it seems to be the legitimate winner. Bravo to Valine.
  2. Darkness over Daggerford (67 votes) -- I voted for this one because of its unparalleled impact on the community. Hype aside, it's a very deserving module in its own right.
  3. Exile of the West (46 votes) -- Fabien Cerutti's module, which seemed to be among the modules supported by voter fraud, is genuinely popular. According to QSW, it is fantastic.
  4. Wyvern Crown of Cormyr (45 votes) -- The last and best premium module, and the most significant product released by the high profile DLA modding group.
  5. The Fall of Aielund, Pt. 2 (32 votes) -- While I wasn't as impressed with this particular chapter, Savant's Aielund series is one of the great accomplishments in NWN1.
  6. The Rose of Eternity II - Cry of the Beloved (31 votes) -- Vote inflation or not, Challseus's hugely successful module trails only SubBassman's Tortured Hearts II in the top module rankings.
  7. Almraiven (25 votes) -- A highly original and innovative module. While Hugie's Tale of a Mage series features the best action for a spellcaster, this module features the best spellcaster roleplaying I've seen since Bone Kenning.
  8. Prophet - Chapter I - By the Will of Kings and Mortals (22 votes) -- By all accounts a brilliant roleplaying module.
It will be interesting to see how things shake down in the time that remains for voting. Congrats and kudos to all authors who have modules involved in the competition. We all really appreciate your efforts!!


  1. Sigh... Berliad, couldn't you have expanded this list by even *one* spot!

  2. Sorry! :) I had to draw the line somewhere and there was a substantial drop-off in votes at that point. -B