Friday, March 16, 2007

Subtlety of Thay, part 1, enters beta

Dirtywick, the builder behind the upcoming Forgotten Realms Weave module, the Subtlety of Thay, has begun a private beta for the first half of his module. He will be releasing both halves at the same time, so the Vault release is still a long way off, but I wanted to send a little bit of buzz his way. Here's an excerpt from his page on the FRW Wiki:
The Subtlety of Thay is a campaign set in Aglarond, eventually leading into Thay and the lands of the Red Wizards. It is planned to come in three parts. The first part is in progress, and is planned to take a player from 3rd level to 7th - 9th level. It's going to be dialogue heavy, featuring dialogue only quests for charisma/skill classes, and light hack and slash combat that falls more on the tactical side than anything else. Nearly every encounter is scripted and tailored to the enemy/surroundings.
I had the opportunity to check out his beta for a few hours last night, and I was very impressed. Dirtywick has a good knack for narrative, and what I've seen of the story thus far is engaging and interesting. I took a few screenies, but I'm not going to post those without his permission. The Red Wizards of Thay are one of the more infamous groups in the Forgotten Realms, yet they seemed overlooked as a nemesis in NWN1 modules. I'm excited to see a module coming out that involves them.

You can get the latest information on Dirtywick's activities at any time by visiting his development blog.

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