Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm up and running!

NWN2 is finally up and running. I had some trouble getting it to re-install. Kept running into read errors or something as the dvd drive was trying to switch between different files during during the installation. I don't know if the problem was the dvd (it looks clean and undamaged) or my dvd drive. But I managed to rip a dvd image, mount it onto a virtual drive, and install from there. I have to have the actual DVD in the real drive to run the game (thanks SecuRom), but at least it finally worked. I'll deal with any additional hardware issues later, 'cause I wanna play a game for once.

Which means I was able to spend some time playing Dark Waters. It's a really interesting module. About as light in the combat department as you can get, and the puzzles have (mostly) been a lot of fun. I still am really enjoying the voice acting, and I got reasonably far into the module tonight. The two main companions are extremely well done, and tonight I finished a sequence involving conversations with an odd chap--the voice acting really brought it to life. Overall, I'm very impressed. I think what I've learned from this is a) voice acting can actually be done well by the community, and be a great strength of a module, and b) that one should focus on the good talent and just leave the other lines silent.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you've found the voice acting good in Dark Waters--again, I haven't played the mod yet--so my contemplation of community voice acting may have been full of unwarranted pronouncements!

  2. Well, you've seen the negative comments among his votes, so the issue of "bad" acting is real.

    Basically, from what I've seen, at least 80% of the voice acting is very good/outstanding. But there have been a few duds here and there that have damaged immersion. And it's rather easy to focus on those rather than the good ones, because most of them happen early in the game during those crucial first 15 minutes of the module. But once you get past those first few cutscenes, the cast shrinks significantly, leaving only the good actors. Thankfully. As I said, for the past few hours of gameplay, the voice acting has been splendid.

    I still don't think I'd recommend that builders include voice acting. It has to be massively time consuming, and hard to get right. And, perhaps more significantly, it might really curtail one's writing. I can imagine that once voice acting is in, there will be a common urge to avoid adding new branches of dialog, as that would require additional voice work. -B