Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So far, so good.

The replacement hard drive arrived today, and this evening I've managed to install windows xp, update to service pack 2, flash my bios (which I had never done), install various motherboard drivers, install ati's drivers, and finally install mcafee, and firefox. And in just a few minutes, I should have completed copying all files from my temporary 40gb drive to my "new" (well, refurbished, but whatever) drive.

Feels good. I love using computers with fresh installs of windows on them. A month from now, it'll start getting gummed up with crap again, but right now everything feels fresh. Looking forward to installing NWN2 tomorrow night, at which point I'm going to download Dark Waters and play through it. And after that, I'm going to play Keep at the Borderlands. And after that, the contest entries. ;)

I'm excited to get back to playing games again...been well over a week since I've had any gaming fun. :(


  1. It sucks when your computer goes down. Glad you are up and running. I have been playing Dark Waters and having a blast.

    I picked up Half Life Episode 1 and it crashed 5 minutes out of the gate. (grrrr)

    Enjoy your gaming!

  2. Good to have you back, Berliad.

    As I loaded a savegame of mine, planning to finally finish the OC, I was shocked to realize that I hadn't been playing NWN2 *at all* for almost two months. That's the longest breat, for sure, since I installed NWN some years ago. Soon I'll be able to hit the community mod scene in earnest!

    And we're living interesting times... The contest mods will be uploaded soon, and there are interesting news on the Ossian front (which I hope are NWN2 related - well, I'm pretty sure they are, but was slightly disappointed to find out that DLA is working on wholly other things).

    Good luck with your new computer.


  3. @Enoa4, have a good time and be relax!! :) I'm looking forward to playing your module.

    @Lariam, yeah, what the heck, man? What've you been doing?!? :P Just kidding, aside from my one-night stand with Dark Waters before the computer imploded, I hadn't played a module in around a month. Too much other stuff going on (start of baseball season, other games capturing my fancy, etc).

    I missed the news that DLA wasn't working on NWN2 stuff. That is too bad, and a bit surprising given that I'd heard (or at least surmised) that Rtrifts sold his endorsement of nwn2 a month or so prior to release in exchange for a project related to nwn2.

    Ossian's stuff seems almost certainly to be nwn2-related, as many of its members have indicated that their nwn2-releated activities are all wrapped up in this "secret project." And it doesnt' appear to be the expansion, because at least one community member (Alazander) has made some comments about the expansion and commented on some of the challenges that they will have to overcome in producing it. So it sounds like we'll have a premium module on our hands, which is great news.

    I'll be curious as to what happened to some of the original Ossian team though. Luspr et al. are apparently not working on an Ossian project, which might mean that they're working on something else nwn2-related. :)

    Ahh, it's fun to be a rumor-monger! -B

  4. Hmmm... I tried to post here earlier. Perhaps something went wrong.

    Anyway, you wrote:

    'Luspr et al. are apparently not working on an Ossian project, which might mean that they're working on something else nwn2-related. :)'

    And here's Lord Alex:

    'OK, since I've been called to task by my vixenly cohort, I'll say that it is not out of the realm of possibility that we would finish the series in NWN2. However, at the moment, we are involved in a different one-off project, also set in the Forgotten Realms. We are working with a good friend of ours, who we have worked with in the past. Don't want to say much more than that, as we are still in the "design phase," but also don't want folks to think we've given up on mod'ing entirely. We haven't... We love it too much... ;)'

    I'd guess that he's referring to luspr, as well as to an NWN2 module. *If* a premium mod program is in works, there are probably several mods in progress...

    Anyway, seems like one more NWN2 module project. And I don't mind it being set in the Realms either. ;)