Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Obsidian Contest: A Very Strong Batch

This batch contains two of my favorite entries in the monster category thus far. These two entries, by Kamen Anev and Vaei, really try to re-imagine a monster rather than duplicate its appearance in-game. The results are far more compelling and interesting pieces than some of the others we've seen. It doesn't hurt that the artistry itself is spectacular. ;) I continue to be in awe of the quality of work we've seen in this contest.

Earth Elemental by Kamen Anev (I absolutely love the faces on these things)

Shadow Reaver by Vaei (transforms what I considered a rather silly-looking monster in the OC to something that's legitimately terrifying)

Elanee by Buckyg

Construct vs. Grobnar by MaeBe (wonderful use of lighting)


  1. Wow, this is definitely the best batch yet. I think that Earth Elemental is awesome, it looks as if it just tore itself straight out of the ground! I would not like to meet that thing... and I just love the style of the Construct/Grobnar (not to mention the lighting, as you point out). Is Grobnar standing on a Wendersnaven?

  2. Same here! Great batch of pictures.

  3. Is Grobnar standing on a Wendersnaven?

    Wow, I didn't even notice that! -j