Friday, August 3, 2007

A Corpse, A Vote Release Approacheth

One of the more... well.... unique authors in our community is approaching the release of his next module, A Corpse, A Vote. As the hype builds for this exciting event, Christian Mayr posted this video on the vault yesterday:

I'm excited about this, as I really enjoyed his first module, A Bet, a Corpse, and gave it a rating of "8 - Excellent, Recommended to Anyone." Here's an excerpt from my comments:
I personally have played well over 100 modules for NWN1, several of which fell into the "bizarre psychological abstraction" genre. But this one probably takes the cake for absurdity. Wonderfully creative ideas throughout. On the surface it's completely random, and yet there is a coherent story here, with pieces that actually do fit together as an intriguing metaphor for the player character's shattered mind. There's good humor here as well, but it's set against the backdrop of something terrible that has happened, which gave the module a very uneasy feeling even as a grinned my way through it.

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