Saturday, August 25, 2007

Obsidian Fan Art Contest Winners!

Today, Rob announced the Obsidian Fan Art Contest Winners on his blog. Interestingly, three of them were featured in one batch, which I and several commenters identified as being an exceptionally strong set of entries. The winners are:

NPC/Companion Category

Meet the Party by Minttu Hynninen

The King of Shadows Enters Meredelain by J. Cullen Lisbony

Construct vs. Grobnar by MaeBe

Creature/Monster Category

Earth Elemental by Kamen Anev

Shadow Reaver by Vaei

Ogre Mage by Laban

Congrats to these authors, and thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. It has been a lot of fun showcasing your work here on my blog these past few months!


  1. I'm glad that Construct vs. Grobnar placed - I still love that one.

    Oh, and did you notice that I'm now famous?

  2. Thanks, Berliad, for showcasing this stuff. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have come to have seen so much of it.

    And yup, that Construct & Grobnar piece is great. :)

  3. Oh, and did you notice that I'm now famous?

    LOL, yeah, I think that has to qualify has an honorable mention. :) -B