Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Prophet Prologue - It Cannot Be Denied

My vote: 9 (Very good, deserves a look)
Character: Halfling 4Rog/2Ran from Cave of Songs, did not advance a level.

Halfling Village!
It almost feels wrong to vote on this module, as it's very much just meant to be the opening act in a larger saga.  You begin the module in the Hopping Hobgoblin Inn after waking from a disturbing and vivid dream in which a halfling village is slaughtered.  As you head downstairs, you meet a young halfling adventurer, who is alarmed to hear you describing his own village just a few miles from the inn.  The two of you rush there to find out whether this dream of yours is a premonition...or just a dream.

The story is good here, with good pacing and execution, and it sets up the next chapter in the saga very well (though naturally there's little sense of closure at the end of this one).  It is a very short adventure, and as such it is very linear.  There was at least one interesting side-quest of sorts that I happened upon involving a fallen druid.  What little combat there is seemed appropriate for the setting, and was never too challenging for my duo of halflings in the game.  I did very much enjoy the halfling henchman's character, and look forward to seeing him develop in future modules.  In the end, it's a fun but short module to play, and leaves you wanting a lot more by the end.  And that's exactly what it's meant to do!


  1. Dear Berliad,
    Thanks for your kind words about this mod (and Cave of Songs). I'm planning to upload the final chapter of the Prophet series in a few weeks. So unlike those who have had to wait more than 6 years (!) for the whole thing to be done, you can just play it straight through. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  2. I saw this on the forums. Great news and congratulations! I'm glad to see it, and I'm looking forward to playing it. I'm probably going to give chapter 1 a whirl after I finish a different module. I'm sort of bogged down in the opening salvo of the semester right now, along with the process of putting together a tiny pen and paper campaign. But I'm looking forward to it!