Saturday, August 4, 2007

Obsidian Fan Art Contest: Elanee, Neeshka, Shandra, and Zhjaeve

Tonight we're featuring four entries in the companion competition. All are either actual paintings on canvas, or are digital creations in the same style. I think it's another strong batch. The Elanee piece has been criticized for how true it is to the in-game model, but I think it's a fabulous re-imagining (though I always pictured her as being a bit more "granola"). And the Neeshka piece is one of the more dynamic entries we've seen in the NPC competition.

Elanee by Caleb Marlborough (oil on canvas)

Assassination Attempt by Jonny Ree (in OpenCanvas)

Blood Will Always Tell by Katie Irvin-Beaudry

Zhjaeve by Laban (Laban also did the humorous Ogre Mage/Grobnar piece featured here)


  1. I agree, that Elanee painting is pretty dope and I'll add I don't really see why anyone'd critcize it. So was the digital one from earlier.

    This is going to be a rough one for Obsidian, there's a lot of really good entries. Kind of thought the art contest would be a bust when I heard about it, glad to be proven wrong there.


  2. I must say that Elanee is hot - this version at least. I always thought the in-game Elanee looked kind of creepy, and I'm glad this one doesn't look like that. I'm quite happy to see somebody depart so much from the original, and can't imagine why this would be a bad thing (short of making her a male troll or something at least).

  3. short of making her a male troll

    Hey, some people might have a thing for male trolls. There's nothing wrong with that.