Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's up?

Sorry it's been so quiet over the past week. This post won't help matters much, but just an update on what I've been up to:
  • Ordered Wii, did a lot of research on Wii games.
  • Rediscovered Final Fantasy Tactics while getting reading to put PS1 into deep storage. PS1 now hooked up to TV again, and I'm playing through that game again. I'll write a review once I'm done--it might, at least, be relevant to those looking forward to playing the version for the PSP. ... I'm almost considering buying the PSP just so I could play Tactics on the bus. I just love that game.
  • Received Wii on Friday, threw out my arm playing Wii Sports, and am now having nightly battles across minigames in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz with the wife. Great fun.
I swear I'll get back to Nestlehaven and all the rest of my Neverwinter "duties" shortly. But I might need to take another week or so off before I get the urge to return to D&D land again. This happens probably twice a year, and I always come back refreshed and rearing to go. Hope ya'll will bear with me in the meantime while I get my console kicks in. :)


  1. Final Fantasy Tactics?! Heh, I never knew you had it in you, Berliad!

    That is one of my favorite games of all time, and I just finished playing through Tactics Ogre on my DS (although it is a GBA game). Most don't know, but Final Fantasy Tactics is the spiritual successor to Tactics Ogre, as it was made by the same team (they left one company to go work at SquareSoft).

    Anyway, have fun!

  2. Last comments were made by me, Challseus!

  3. Heh, yeah, I'm not really one of those hard core D&Ders. I certainly like D&D, but I have enjoyed several of the final fantasy games, the Chrono games, as well as some of the more action-oriented titles for the PC (Diablo, in particular).

    But yeah, FFT is probably among my favorite 5 or so games of all time. I played it through on a roommate's PS1 as an undergrad, and one of the main reasons I wanted to get the PS1 a few years back was so that I could play it again. This is my third time through, and I'm having tons of fun. :)

    The story is surprisingly deep and complicated for a console, even if the translation and execution is sometimes poor. And I just love the turned-based combat. There's far less randomness than you see in D&D, or in Fallout1/2, the other strictly turned-based combat game I really loved, but there's enough variation in character jobs and enemy types to keep things very interesting...and I love how important terrain elevation is. I've yet to see another rpg that makes use of elevation as well as Tactics did.

  4. I thought FallOut2 could have done with less randomness - if randomness if Surik running up behind you and then emptying his SMG into your back 'cos there was an enemy somewhere in front of you :)

    Anyway, just showing my support for your continuing blogging efforts!

  5. Hey, Diablo was a great game! Sure it wasn't big on "roleplaying" in some senses, but it had (limited) character development, and more importantly cool items, item sets, unique boss monsters all over the place, fun combat and multiplayer.

    What's not to love?

  6. Okay, I realize my initial combat sounds kindof, well, like I'm disagreeing with you. I just want to point out that I *can* read, and notice you liked Diablo too :-)

    I guess my defensive tone was meant for all the Diablo bashers on the NWN1/2 boards...

  7. Yeah, Diablo did a lot of things right. Excellent action, even if it was fairly straightforward most of the time. It also had a pretty decent story--especially in the sequel. Diablo 2 also had a reasonably complex character advancement system that allowed for a lot of variations within each class type.

    Both of those games sucked away about 6 months of gametime each, including several replays. So yeah, I had a great time playing them. I'm not sure if they're in my top 5, but if not, they're certainly in my top 10. -B

  8. Don't forget that D&D Tactics is coming out on the PSP (today!). A PSP looks like it's the tactical fantasy game system of choice (PC aside, of course).

  9. Nix that. D&D Tactics isnt't very good.

  10. That's a shame--it looked promising from what I'd seen of it 'til now. -B

  11. Why, oh why did you have to mention FFT? Now I've to fight through my overfilled basement to find my old console and that long forgotten large box of games. I'm worried that if I start to play I'll never stop and who will then finish my module? You? :)

    And what if I find Silent Hill 1? I may starve to death...

    Have great fun!