Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wii In Route

We ended up purchasing our Wii from PCConnection Sunday night. I'd provide a link to the product page, but it's already out of stock, of course. :)

In a $330 bundle, we got the Wii ($250), an extra remote ($40), and an extra nunchuk ($20)--that's a $310 value! :) But when you factor in free shipping and no sales tax, we actually come out ahead by about five bucks compared to buying it locally. We also ordered a component cable, but it's unclear whether that will be arriving with the package or in a later shipment.

Anyway, DHL says the package will arrive on Friday, in time for a weekend filled with lots of intense tennis & bowling action, not to mention some manic Mii design.

I've been doing a lot of research on games the last few nights, aided by X-Play, Gamespot, IGN, TheWiire, and, of course, the recommendations you folks posted here. Here are the games I'm thinking about, in rough order of priority, for purchase or rental over the first several months:
I'd eventually like to check out Zelda, but I plan to keep getting most of my rpg fix with NWN2. With the console I hope to rediscover the "twitch" gamer within, lost lo these many years, and focus on multiplayer stuff I can do with the family.

Actually, "rediscover" might be too strong of a word--but I've never owned a current console before, my only other one being a PS1 that I purchased long after PS2's were on the market. Growing up, I played with my neighbor's NES quite a bit, but at home all I had was my 8088. So this should be fun.


  1. How do you like George R Martin? When you finish Storm of Swords, I'd love to hear your comments... :)


  2. Is it too cliched to call him brilliant? It's been a wonderful series. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put it on hold for a bit--my wife just finished Harry Potter, and she wants me to finish it because she has a lot of things that "she needs to discuss." :) But yeah, I can post a few comments when I'm done.

  3. Putting the 3rd book of that series on hold for Harry Potter is like freezing a prime grade fillet mignon so you can finish a pack of hot dogs before they go bad....

    Sad... :)

  4. LOL! Might be true, but you're not factoring in the Please The Wife factor, which is critically important in the decision making process here. :D

    Oh, and dear, if you're reading this, I'm looking forward to cracking open Potter on the bus tomorrow! :) -B