Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grimm Brigade

Tonight I finished a module I started a few nights back, the Grimm Brigade. It's a short, fun hack and slash with great style. It's a great choice if all you're in the mood to do is go kill something. My comments and vote:
My Vote: 7 - Very Good, Deserves a Look
Character: Lawful Good Fighter/Dwarven Defender, went from lv. 1 to lv. 9

The Grimm Brigade is a fun and well-polished one-night hack 'n slash. I guess I'd describe it as G.I. Joe meets forgotten realms meets children's fairy tales. It has a fast and furious pace. Combat was challenging and did require some serious potion sipping (or berry eating?), but it was varied and entertaining for my dwarven defender. I'm not sure how well other classes would cope with the challenges, though it sounds like the author has spent time trying to balance it for other classes.

Areas are nicely built, particularly the first and last locations to which you travel. I also liked the use of tinting and scaling to spice up the monster selections. The module moves along in a strictly linear fashion, and the story is mostly just a convenient means of stringing together the action sequences. Nevertheless, the use of Grimm's Fairy Tale themes in the different areas was cleverly done, often with a humorous slant. Writing in general was excellent though brief. Overall, while not a particularly deep module, the emphasis is on fun, and it delivers in full.


  1. I've just played the module, but in the 3rd mission (No light & the seven ...dwarftypes) I went through the first corridor with the traps, opened the door, killed all guardians and slaves, searched the stones and was stuck with a locked chest and locked door. No way to exit, no way to open either of them.

    I've not read about this problem anywhere else, am I doing something wrong? Is there maybe a cheat to open a lock?

    Since I'm playing as a dwarven fighter I can't open locks... help!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I won't be of much help, unfortunately. You'd be better off posting on the Vault page so that you can get support from the author:

    I don't remember having a problem advancing through the module though. You've tried bashing the door, right? -B