Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I made great progress tonight on the character creator. I did a lot of re-organization of the items in the blueprints to make things easier moving forward, added credits to all items already in the module, and then imported a host of items from Pool of Radiance into Sal's Store. More importantly, I imported Sasha (the clerk from Pool of Radiance) and wrote her dialog, which I think came out well. It's good to have another NPC from FRW modules present in the pub!

At this point, just a few more characters from the other released FRW modules and this sucker will be ready to go. Feels good to finally have made progress again.


  1. Good luck. It's amazing how much time and effort the new toolset takes, but the results can be impressive. I'm looking forward to the character creator.

  2. Well, I did most of the time-consuming stuff (area construction, scripting, etc) already for this update. Now it's just a matter of throwing a few dialogs together.

    ...'course, I might still need to do a bit of decorating down in the basement...

    ...and then, of course, there's my eventual hope to have persistent storage in an upstairs area. We'll see if I ever get ambitious enough to figure out the nwn2 database. -B