Saturday, June 30, 2007


So, I got banned from the Bioware Forums today for the first time! Here's proof:
I was responding to this thread. Here, as best as I'm able to recreate it, is the message I was trying to post:
Yeah, I can certainly understand not want to give a low vote. My general rule of thumb is that I only vote on modules that I complete. And if I'm not enjoying a module, I will generally not complete it.

Nevertheless, I wanted to echo Childhood's suggestion to at least try to leave constructive feedback. Most builders are very happy to receive feedback, even when critical, as long as it is written in a constructive tone. One thing I always try to do (in addition to being sure to highlight the good as well as the bad) is to accompany any criticisms I have with suggestions for how the problem might be addressed. This helps me to emphasize how an author might improve his or her work, and to keep the tone positive and encouraging.
Let's see here. No obvious swears. No words that I see that could contain a bad word, like "cumbersome," "shittake mushrooms," or even "craptacular." Heck, I don't even think I was saying anything that could be construed as controversial! Anyone have any ideas? I haven't gotten a response from Bioware yet as to what the heck is going on, though I certainly hope I will. :)


  1. Obviously you're a loose cannon and must be stopped at all costs! ;)

    Perhaps it was a mistake, or maybe you have an enemy on the inside that is opposed to well constructed opinions.

    Whatever happens I hope it's sorted out.


  2. Hilarious!!! :D I wonder what part of the post was the culprit...I looked pretty hard, but couldn't pick out anything...

  3. ps: I love the typo in the screenshot. :)

    "We ask that you treat this site, and it's community members"...

  4. I am guessing at moderator finger error. It's either that or an evil twin...

  5. Lol yeah must be an error,

    Maybe they were trying to ban the guy above or below you hehe.


  6. This seems to have been an automatic banning based on their forum's language filter. I can't for the life of me figure it out. -B

  7. One way for a banished subject to regain the favor of the court is to dress up like a wild man of the woods and give wise advice to those who think themselves his enemy.

    p.s. i am such a n00b that I had to look up FUBAR

  8. Perhaps it's just the automated filters not being able to cope with thatngs they havent seen on an internet forum before like someone being nice and constructive...

    how wierd - hope its sorted soon

  9. Clearly you are a very bad person.

    (how funny is that...I hope you get the misunderstanding cleared up soon)

  10. Maerduin, you have obviously never watched "Saving Private Ryan." :)

  11. It seems that certain words like 'feedback' are bannable offenses...


  12. It seems that certain words like 'feedback' are bannable offenses...

    We have a winner! That must have been the problem, and they seem to now have fixed it. I've finally managed to successfully make my post! The ban was rescinded after about an hour, but I kept getting re-banned. This morning it finally went through.

    LOL, that's awesome. -B

  13. Here's a current thread on the issue:

    Filters gone awry! Thank goodness I could still post here! :) -B