Wednesday, June 6, 2007

FRWCC in Hall of Fame

Today, my little NWN2 module project, the Forgotten Realms Weave Character Creator, was inducted into the NWN2 Hall of Fame. It's pretty exciting to have the module achieve this honor, and, of course, to know that I now can have the "Hall of Fame author" prefix attached to my name. :)

I do not consider my little mod to be anywhere close, in terms of the quality or impact, to the other two modules that were inducted this month (Stormchaser and Pirate Cards). I'm sure that my total development time, for example, is a tiny, tiny fraction of what FalloutBoy and Adam Miller invested into their modules. But I do feel comfortable with the idea that this little utility module is among the best of its kind available to the community. It's not the best choice for some purposes (e.g. optimizing different character builds), but for others (e.g. creating balanced characters for use in community modules), I think it really is the best available option. So, I'm quite proud of it.

I do want to send out a few significant thanks--while this has been my "baby," I've had an awful lot of help:
  • The inspiration for a limited, balanced character creator supporting the FRW modules came from flem1 in the NWN2 forums.
  • Several of the essential scripts for the character creator, particularly the level up/gold giving scripts, were written by Lord Niah in the original version of his base mod. I modified them slightly, added some other scripts of my own to make the conversations work better, and repackaged everything my little inn, but he did a lot of the hard work.
  • Much of this modules' attention and downloads, especially early on, can probably be attributed to Phoenixus's module, A Tragedy in Tragidor, which required level 6(ish) characters and yet provided no in-house way to create such a character. I initially made it in large part so that I could have a well-balanced character to play his mod.
  • I am deeply indebted to the advice of numerous community members who have helped me make this module as well balanced and accessible as it is today through their comments. Thanks to Lord Niah, Phoenixus, dirtywick, vendalus, Lariam, Styraxian, Maerduin, bietu, Seryn, madchem, Wizbane, NuclearSorcerer, and Drakenon, as well as anyone else I forgot.
  • I also ripped some scripts, as well as inspiration, from caesarbear and his wonderful NWN1 utility module, Zorco's Keeps. And believe me, if I could figure it all out (I've tried), I'd rip his database scripts from that module as well. I still would like to some day add persistent storage to this module to give it a true waystation feel.
  • Finally, thanks to everyone who has downloaded this module, enjoyed it, and posted favorable feedback. I really appreciate your time, and I'm glad so many have found it useful.
Also making the Hall today (for the thousandth time) is Hugie, with his excellent little module, The Island. Congrats to him! :)


  1. Way to go Berliad! Nicely done.

  2. Congrats Berliad

  3. Congrats again, and thanks again! :)

  4. congrats! an awesome and creatively done utility. i like the idea of it as a place to go between adventures, too.

  5. Idea: for persistant storage, can't you just conscript caesarbear to your dungeon 'til he's done? :lol:

    You should ask Alex what homeopathic vitamins he uses. I intend to....

  6. Heh, I'd prefer not to bug Caesarbear...though the thought has crossed my mind.

    Problem is, I don't have a basement in my house, and the wife won't let me set up a dungeon on the ground floor... Besides, too much light would get in anyway. -B