Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Upcoming release: The Zelbross Affair

Seryn mentioned in a thread at the FRW forums that he hopes to release his module, the Zelbross Affair, near the end of the week. Here's a very brief description that he posted some weeks ago:
**The Zelbross Affair**
Setting: Zelbross and the surrounding area (The Delimbiyr area of the North)
Levels: 1st, reaching 3rd by module end (a relatively short module)
Classes: All
Races: All
Alignments: All
Description: A starting module based in Zelbross centered on a merchant plot involving humanoids and caravan raiders. Generally hack and slash, with the choice of adding up to 3 of 6 available custom companions.
Looks like fun!

I'm sure that no one is really interested in this, but my short-term playlist, in approximate order, is as follows:
  1. Finish Subtlety of Thay -- impressively long module. I keep thinking I'm nearing the end, and a whole new plot segment appears! Using a wood elf ranger, who began her career in Witch in the Wood.
  2. The Rampion Champion -- new character--probably a rogue, given that he's sneaking into a garden to steal a vegetable.
  3. A Walk in the Woods -- new character--no idea what class. Given that it's light H&S, perhaps I'll go ahead and use my gnome bard from Uninvited Guests. It'd be nice to get her out of level 1...
  4. Daark Twins -- use included character.
  5. Night Howls in Nestlehaven -- I think I'm going to use my cleric from Keep on the Borderlands for this one, levelled up to lv. 10 or so. I have a dwarven defender who is closer to the appropriate level, but the cleric should offer more enjoyable roleplaying.
  6. The Zelbross Affair -- new character. Since it's low-level H&S, I'll probably go with a melee-type, most likely a tank (as opposed to a high-dex sort). Which class/race I choose may depend on the module description.
After that, who knows? We'll see what else has been released. Sgt. Why's Red Hand of Doom is also in beta, so perhaps it'll be ready by then. And there are several other mods I've been thinking about playing for some time now.

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