Saturday, June 16, 2007

Obsidian Fan Art Contest

With the conclusion of the first Obsidian competition, we have another to follow:
Due to the fun we had with the mod-building contest, we are announcing a Fan Art contest for the non-builders.

There will be two categories that a person may enter:

First Category: Your favorite NWN2 Companion (Khelgar, Neeshka, etc.) or NPC (Lord Nasher, King of Shadows, etc.)

Second Category: Your favorite NWN2 creature or monster.
Submissions are due July 31st, so folks have plenty of time to work on their entries. There could be a potentially really cool prize associated with winning. From Rob:
...I am toying with the idea of the winner(s) artwork being added as a placeable piece of art in game. We would get the artist's permission for that, of course... and no guarantees that will happen.
I'm sure almost any community artist would be thrilled to have this happen. Kudos to Rob for thinking of it, as it immediately makes this contest seem far more interesting. Even if it doesn't happen officially, I think that converting these submissions to placeables could be a really cool project for some enterprising custom contest creator out there. :D

It should be a fun contest, and I'm looking forward to decorating my blog with the submissions. :)

Speaking of which, here's the first (unofficial) entry thus far, an entertaining little comic by SuiSa2006 from the official forums:

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