Saturday, June 23, 2007

Contest Art - Khelgar, Balor, Succubus, Phaerimm, and Sand

Here are a few pieces of contest art that I haven't been able to work into another post.

Hand-drawn Category
Khelgar by Vaei (not an official entry, but darn nice):
...a quick watercolor sketch of Khelgar (hands down favourite character in the official campaign!) I'll probably opt for a tighter digital render for the final submission.
Balor and Succubus by SuiSa:
This is my second image for the NWN2 fan-art contest (Ed: her first can be found here).
Render category:
Phaerimm by Chris McSpurren:
Here's a pic of a Phaerimm that I modelled in Maya awhile back. I'll convert it for use in the game if anyone wants it.
Sand by Sorcha Ravenlock (another non-official entry from the thread, done in Daz Studio/Photoshop, but I like it, so...):
Thanks to these artists for their submissions. I'm really enjoying seeing what folks are coming up with.

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