Sunday, July 8, 2007

Interview with ADK

There is a nice interview with ADK at the Vault. I played both of his Kunoichi modules and enjoyed them. They offer good roleplaying, and offer a great respite from the more typical fantasy adventures we see among NWN modules. I'm excited to see that he is working on both a prequel and the conclusion of his Kunoichi series, though I do tend to wonder if I'll ever get a chance to play them--I still haven't reinstalled NWN1 after my hard drive issues, and sometimes I wonder if I'd be able to go back without getting frustrated by both the graphics and the game engine. I'm pretty committed to NWN2 at this point.

Anyway, here are excerpts from my comments on both of ADK's Kunoichi modules. Both were posted 14 October, 2005.

Kunoichi 1
Kunoichi is one of the most controversial modules yet produced because of its content. Nevertheless, it is a quality module that emphasizes roleplaying and allows the player to make decisions that have meaningful effects on the outcome of the story. You play a female recruit to a group of ninja assassins. There is honor in this sort of occupation, but being an assassin is a brutal business.
For its roleplaying virtues alone, this module is hard to beat. If you can stomach the emotional ending, I would recommend this module to anyone interested in a short module that will test your principles and allow you to make meaningful decisions.
Kunoichi 2
The structure of the module is similar to the first – you are given a series of missions in a nearby town and sent on your way. This time you'll be accompanied on your trip over to the town by Miho, your friend who joined up with the clan at nearly the same time as you. This gives some opportunities to further your relationship with her, and is one of several NPC's with whom you have the opportunity to develop a relationship that started in the first chapter. Once again, there are multiple quests, but this time there are only some in which there are multiple ways to complete them successfully. Some require successful skill checks (persuade is very important here), and the final quest requires you to work through some very creative and interesting puzzles. I'm particularly fond of the crime scene investigation puzzle, although I also liked the one that required you to interpret a painting.
In general, however, this module is a set up from Kunoichi 1, in that its missions are more interesting and the characters are deeper than before. There is some real plot development that occurs both early and late in the module, and I'm itching to play the next mod in the series.

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