Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A little linkage...

I did a bit of work on the blogroll links tonight. If someone hadn't posted in six months, I removed their blog. There was also one case in which a blog was declared closed, so that was removed as well. If folks want to be re-added, I'm happy to do so, just let me know.

I also have added a few new entries to the list over the past few months, and I thought I'd highlight them briefly:
  • Amraphael, who is working on a conversion of ZORK to NWN2. His thread on the official boards even has Rob McGinnis excited. :)
  • Andurga, who is working on an FR module called Thayvian Nights. It deals with Thay (surprise!), and promises a "large and intricate plot full of twists and turns."
  • Inder, who is working on another FR module called Shadows of the Past. It is set in the Silver Marches, and has your character running as a fugitive from the law.
  • Lorft, who authored the Obsidian contest module Cry Wolf, is working on a module called Planescape: Legacy. Anything set in planescape is immediately at the top of my radar, of course, so I follow this one with great interest.
  • Storyteller2007, who is working on a module called Through the Looking Glass - An Unjust War. The module seems to be in its very early stages, but might be interesting.
  • Wyrin D'njargo, already author of three modules for NWN2, and has just released an alpha of the first chapter of his next module series, Dark Avenger.
Do give all of these blogs a look when you get a chance. :)


  1. Hi Berliad,

    While I appreciate all the blog linkage you've got going on, I've got a question. Are there any NWN(1/2) blogs out there that are more like yours? No, I'm not trying to suck up. Let me explain...

    Seems like most (I don't think I've clicked on every link on the sidebar yet) of the linked blogs are focussed on the trials and tribulations of building a specific module (or two or three). Which is fine, but I am more interested in the module reviews, news commentary and the like that you provide.

    Any recommendations?

  2. Alazander does commentary on modding news as well, so he might be worth checking out. And Enoa4 also has posted mini-reviews of modules as well on his blog. But that's about it, at this point, as far as I know...

    I'd love to see more people doing this as well, but it just hasn't happened yet. I'm glad you are enjoying it here though! -B

  3. sadly, i think a lot of builders find the free time they have to get on the computer is taken up withthe toolset, and less with playing the other mods out there. I do want to see what other modders are doingm as I thin kthats just as important, but often i can feel that time spent playing is wasted time that could be spent making a new area, or doing a new conversation

  4. I've dabbled just enough in the toolset to know it doesn't leave a lot of time to play other people's mods, much less write useful commentary about them!

    I guess we need some more dedicated blogger-players to complement the number of dedicated blogger-modders...

    And fewer freeloaders like myself...

  5. Indeed, I rarely get a chance to play. When I do, I start going all analytical and find it hard to relax and just enjoy others work.

    It would be great if there were a few more players who kept blogs on things rather than just builders.