Saturday, July 28, 2007

Obsidian Art Contest - 4 days left

Entries are starting to pour in with the contest deadline looming. Tonight we have a pair of Digital Studio pieces of Sorcha Ravenlock, and two hand-drawn entries from other artists. The use of programs like Daz Studio was somewhat controversial, as comparing that work to more handmade work can be difficult because so much of the "work" may have been done by the package rather than the artist. This problem was solved when Rob decided to allow two new categories for digitally-created artwork like this, which is a fine solution--kudos to Rob.

Unshed Tears by Sorcha Ravenlock (in Daz Studio, with post-work in Photoshop) - Easily my favorite in this batch, very moving. Maybe I'm I sucker for babies. Being a father'll do that to ya.

Elanee by Sorcha Ravenlock

Tholapsyx! by msykes (hehe)

Khelgar - Monk by combobreaker


  1. I like the two by Sorcha Ravenlock, particularly the one with the baby. The eyes in that character are well done.

    On a side note, is it just be or since Warcraft III have elves been required to have extraordinarily long ears. I'm always pictured pointed elf ears as much more subtle, that doesn't detract of the choice of the artist, it's just a personal image of elves I've always had.

  2. Look - I'm famous!

    What has surprised me about this contest is how good all the entries (with the notable exception of my own) have been in terms of actual artistic skill. Not that I doubted the abilities of the NWN community, but I thought a few more hacks like me might have taken a chance!

    Signed print reproductions are of course available upon request.

  3. Signed print reproductions are of course available upon request.


    Er...I mean...I'll think about it, eh? -B