Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting back to the FRWCC

I finished up a project tonight for my other hobby (baseball) tonight, which is something of a relief. It's a small preview article that will be published in an upcoming book, which is pretty cool to be a part of--even if I don't get compensated for it.

I also started working on the FRWCC again (feels like it's been a while), and I should have a minor update (version 1.0.2) ready to go to the vault tomorrow night or so.

I'm then going to start working on v.1.1.0, which will include some substantial improvements:
  • Add at least one, and possibly two new NPC's reflecting new additions to the FRW module library.
  • Add an equipment checker to crystal. Sum up all gear value and gold and see if it's more than 25% over recommended gold levels. If so, report this to the player. Should help players keep themselves balanced. Obviously this will work best if players sell off their loot before beginning this process.
  • Add a basement.
  • Add a combat area in basement with dummies that vary in ac: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35. Maybe, if I get really ambitious, I might try to script it to have one dummy with user-settable (via conversation) AC. No idea how to do that right now though.
  • Add an altar (& non-denominational mini-chapel) in basement that allows alignment shifts.
  • Maybe include a fighter/priest (Tempus?) NPC down there to add some interaction, though I'm not sure if that's needed or will be worthwhile.
  • Add library in basement w/ custom "color" or "setting" books from FRW modules (Maerduin sent me a bunch...don't think there were any in Tragidor, but I'm sure other authors might make some in the future and I'd like to feature them).

Regarding the first point, Markus "Wayne" Schlegel has affiliated his module, Pool of Radiance Remastered, with the Weave. Furthermore, it appears that Ian Liew is considering adding his Temple of Torm series as well. Actually, thinking about it, one of the NPC's from the Temple of Torm would be a great pick to hang out down near the altar, and could double as an information provider for that module... :)

Once the 1.0.2 update is done, I'm going to get an advertisement banner together for the vault's front page that incorporates the FRW logo...cause it's so nice, I want to get in on that action. :) Won't hurt to route some more traffic to the Character Creator either.

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