Saturday, February 24, 2007

NWVault Hall of Fame induction rate

I should have posted this a few days ago, but didn't have a chance this week. Been very busy, and I haven't gotten much gaming in.

Maximus posted a poll asking folks how many modules should be inducted into the NWVault Hall of Fame each month. My recommendation was that only one be inducted, at least for the time being, whereas we inducted 3 per month in NWN1.

Here's why I'm concerned that 3 might be too many. This is a list of the number of modules released, by month, for nwn2, with scores above 8 and at least 10 votes:
Now I still do think (hope?) that the community's productivity will increase over time, but right now, I think it's likely that we'll have months with fewer than 3 modules get inducted simply because there aren't enough that qualify. If the cutoff requirement was dropped down to 7, this would be less of an issue, but per a conversation I had with him, Maximus thinks that for this Hall of Fame, requiring that all modules be "Excellent, Recommended to Anyone" is more likely to result in only the best of the best being inducted--I think this is a good idea.

It's not a huge deal for there to be months with fewer modules inducted per month than is possible. But here are a few potential benefits of reducing the number inducted to one per month:
  • More of a chance to showcase an individual module as "April 2006's inductee," for example. It would make the interview that typically accompanies an induction a bit more of a fanfare event, for example. I think this is the most significant benefit.
  • Making the Hall of Fame would become more of a genuinely terrific accomplishment, as a module will literally have to be the best available candidate in a particular month. The NWN1 Hall of Fame was a good accomplishment, but after several years, a HoF tag wasn't necessarily a mark of outstanding quality any more.
  • No anticlimax when we don't get three modules that qualify for the Hall. Hopefully we'll always have at least one or two that do, but we may essentially be using up the entire pool of available modules each month with if we induct three per month--it's potentially "risky."
Nevertheless, currently the voting is pretty heavily weighted toward 3/month induction, so I doubt we'll see this change. That's ok, it was worth polling the community. Whatever happens, it's fun to look forward to the first group of inductees....even if they'll likely be training modules. :)


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Frankly, with so few NWN 2 modules available, I'm not sure why we need a HOF at all. I voted Other because there was no entry for 0.

  2. The poll splits the other-than-three vote, unfortunately. Right now "3" leads by a wide margin, but really the totals could be read as:
    3: 280 votes
    other-than-three: 267

    The three's still have it, but it's a pretty close thing. -B