Thursday, February 8, 2007

One Billion Bulbs

Ok, I swear I'm not going to make this blog a soap box for my politics. But I really want to do a brief post about this site: One billion

Their goal is to encourage individuals to change one billion of their old incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. You can register and document any bulbs you change to aid them in their goal.

Changing an incandescent bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb can result in notable savings to your electric bill, reduce the hassle of routine bulb changes (they last 5-10 times as long as normal incandescent bulbs), and can help lower greenhouse gas emissions. And you don't have to do anything other than unscrew your old bulb and screw in the new one. My wife and I started changing over our bulbs about a year ago, and we've been extremely pleased with the results. I've added a advertisement to the bottom of my sidebar in case you'd like to check it out later.



  1. Great idea. My wife and I changed out our bulbs when we moved in to our home (2 years ago). I took a class last semester called Power Plant Technologies (EEE463). We mostly discussed steam generation plants (coal, nuclear, etc.), but we did spend a number of weeks on renewables and emissions/pollutants. The numbers were staggering and the future bleak (without a worldwide effort). We looked at possible solutions to reduce CO2 and there are possibilities, but all nations need to put forth the effort (we the USA being one of the worst offenders). So come on people, do a little something, even if it is only changing out light bulbs. If everyone did a few small things to reduce their energy consumption, it would make a HUGE impact.

  2. Wonderful! I think you can still put your name down for changing those bulbs. Arizona needs a boost. We're only 20% of the way to the next benchmark. :D

  3. Over here we call them energy saving bulbs. In our last home I tried one out -it lasted 4.5 years in a side lamp that was used every single night of the week for several hours. That bulb amazed me! I am now slowly changing the ones I have in this new home over. They are pretty expensive here, thus the reason I don't just go and buy the lot in one shot. But one a fortnight is pretty fair I'd say.

  4. We changed over last year... about.
    The smithy lights were all flourescent anyhow.
    Thanks for reminder, b!