Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1.04 Patch Released

The NWN2 1.04 patch was released today. Unlike the 1.03 patch, which brought with it huge performance increases (at least on my machine), this one seems to be quite a bit more of a minor issues patch. In fact, looking through the patch list, I only noticed one or two items that I'm likely to even notice. A lot of effort appears to have been put on things like user interface issues (e.g. hotbar functionality got a lot of work...and with the quickcast menu, my use of hotkeys has been reduced considerably from nwn1, to where I've never filled up the single row that was originally provided), whereas larger issues like toolset stability, PWC distribution for persistent worlds, etc, haven't yet been addressed.

I'm sure those larger issues take a lot more time and effort, though, so I'm not going to get too cranky. I frankly just think it's wonderful that Obsidian & Atari continue to support their product! Hopefully the 1.05 patch will include some more substantive fixes. This patch seems primarily oriented towards players of the official campaign--and that's fine--but I'm hopeful that Obsidian will now start to direct their efforts more toward the modding community.

Since there's not much of a reason for me to upgrade, I'm going to hold fast at 1.03 until I'm forced to upgrade to play a module. I imagine that won't be long, but this way I can avoid encountering any early bugs with the new patch that might reveal themselves over the next day or so.

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