Sunday, January 21, 2007

Romping through Tragidor

A cold/stomach bug has knocked me back the past couple of days, so I haven't made as much progress in Tragidor as I would have hoped. I've also been working on my other blog (a baseball-related blog) a bit, as spring training is approaching and I'm behind in the news. I've been asked to write up a small blurb for an upcoming publication profiling my favorite team, so I need to make sure I'm current.

Nevertheless, I got a few hours in tonight after the wife and kid went to bed. Tragidor continues to be a lot of fun. I do think that the module would benefit greatly if Phoenixus would take a few evenings to do one full proofreading pass--or, if nothing else, utilize spellplug to catch the really glaring misspellings. And there are a few more "ambush"-type spawns than I'd prefer. But even so, this module has been both challenging and extremely fun. The story is picking up too--I'm honestly not sure what is happening, exactly, but I think I'm about to find out. :)

Quick comment about the nwn2 engine: while the exterior areas in nwn2 obviously have tremendous flexibility, I've become quite impressed with the flexibility of the interior tilesets as well. One of the powerful ways that the interiors can be modified is via tinting. The screenshot to the right from Tragidor shows the power of tileset tinting really well. This is the castle interior tileset, but two of the tinting channels are set to be entirely black, with only the cauking of the room having any color. The effect is a genuinely surreal area that looks completely unlike anything I've seen in the game yet--for a second I thought this was a custom tileset! Kudos to Obsidian for allowing this flexibility and to Phoenixus for taking advantage of it in a very creative way.

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